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This page shows you how to make a pair of woodlands style moccasins with fur trim. A free pattern in a woman's size 7 is available as a PDF file. A pattern for women's sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 is available for ordering.

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Sioux Style Lazy Stitch Beadwork PDF Imprimer Envoyer
Lazy stitch beadwork is one of the simplest beadwork techniques. It is good for covering large areas in a relatively short period of time. That is not to say that it is easy to do correctly or fast. It is neither. Like all craft techniques, experience and skill determine the beauty of the finished result. While this stitch has traditionally been called "lazy," the beadworkers who use it are definitely not! Georg Barth, author of the excellent book Native American Beadwork, is attempting to change the name to "lane stitch" and we wholeheartedly agree.
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Document Photos seulement
Pictures document only

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techniques de perlage nord-amérindiennes PDF Imprimer Envoyer

Mini souris 3D en perles
Technique en Details
A fabriquer pour la pratique
Petite souris mignonne

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Instructions and Patterns for Native American Style Beadwork PDF Imprimer Envoyer
Native Americans made beaded items before contact with Europeans by using such items as cut shells, coral, bone, dyed and flattened porcupine quills and various seeds. After the arrival of glass
beads, however, tribes began producing a greater amount and variety of these decorative arts. They also developed new techniques of beading and many distinctive regional and tribal styles.
Bead Weaving Techniques and Analysis PDF Imprimer Envoyer

Beads are perhaps one of the earliest forms of Native American art. Beads are by their nature, intended to be strung on cord and various techniques have developed and evolved over the millennia in the eastern Woodlands. Some methods of stringing beads are similar to those used in textile and basket weaving. Beadweaving shares many technical traits with woven mats and twined baskets, and it may have developed alongside these other industries.

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